PorteenGear Black and Tan Leather Pro Camera Bag DSLR Day Case Review

If you are looking for a DSLR bag made by an award-winning photographer, freelance content creators PorteenGear releases its Black and Tan Leather Pro Camera Bag DSLR Day Case.

Why would you want this bag aside from this is designed by a pro photographer? Well, for starters this is not your typical camera bag as it kind of look like a purse or a messenger bag. It is also made from water-resistant waxed canvas that age gracefully the more times it is used.

The fabric used is popular in Australia, mostly used on dusters and hats. Though it looks rugged, you are sure that this DSLR bag is long-lasting. The flap is made from genuine leather with a middle stripe created of an upholstery material while its internal structure is made of smooth twill. pelletnagyker

PorteenGear’s bag is produced to carry one (1) full size DSLR camera coupled with two (2) lenses. It can carry your tall lenses from 70-200. If you only have one extra lens, you can add in a flash inside the bag.

Its front face features a durable zippered pocket while on the inside back it features a Velcro pocket. You can also access easily 3 pockets on the front which can hold a lens cap, pen or another camera body.

This DSLR bag is cushioned well on each side with solid foams and the padding on the inside expands to house a larger camera. All seams of this camera bag are triple stitched. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

As an added bonus, PorteenGear Black and Tan Leather Pro Camera Bag DSLR Day Case include a free zippered pouch for storage of your cards, vultrichosting cash or passport. You can buy it on PorteenGear’s Etsy shop for $110 and it is available in different color variations.


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